martes, 24 de enero de 2012

To blog or not to blog

I really enjoy to write blogs. These are a good way to learn English, because one can write freely, obviously following a little teacher guide, and, in particular, it's a lot easier than talk in English, the best way to learn it, but the hardest one. Besides, i try to not use translators (like Google's one), so I wrote all my blog entries by myself. The only thing I dislike about them, is that we must write a lot of words, jajaja. It's a joke, I am too lazy if i get bored writing 300 words, nothing compared with other homeworks that I have done. But i think sometimes is very tiring to write one.

Blogs are a good way to learn English, because, besides of all I said above, we can improve thinking in English. It's hard to do it, because I have written Spanish (even Chilean) words when I'm creating an entry, and it's a lot diffcult to think in English when I try to leran talking in classes. So, doing the blogs is the way that I develop some skills to make my mind practice in this important foreign language. Besides, I can to check it after i have written it, to correct some words or expressions that i wrote bad, and I realized what's the reason that i get wrong too. Sometimes, I start to repeat some phrases to express some feelings or opinions, and i use it when i'm writing a blog entry, but most of the time, these phrases are not the correct form to express what I think.

Roger Federer and Tennis are, by far, the topics that I most like to talk about. Federer is like an idol to me, and tennis was, is, and it will be my favourite sport of all my life. By the way, i would to see Federer winning the current Australian Open, but Djokovic is playing well too. And the topic that I most dislike is Chinese Zodiac. No way in hell I believe it, even if it's regarded as the best zodiac in the world.

And, i have no a favourite classmate in blogs. I think that all points of view are important, so i cannot choose a good one to me, or a bad one. I enjoy to read many points of view, to make clearer my point view about a certain topic.

I hope that you like it, and I would like to see you again

Bye Bye.

The Persistence of memory

Salvador Dali was one of the best painters ever. But i must recognize it: surrealistic style was never one of my favourites, until i saw this picture. I like other styles too, but, in my opinion, this is my 1st place in my painting ranking.

First of all, it makes me remember my dreams. Always them are strange, in very weird places, and changes one after another very fast, so sometimes, I cannot remember what I dream. Besides, this piece of art shows how rare the tiem and its perception could be. For example, in one of my vacations, the car that i was in, covers 20 kilometers in almost 20 minutes. But i feel it as one minute!. At other time, i was sleeping in a house on Navidad, 6th Region of Chile. I start to sleep in Saturday, and I wake in Monday. Well, I think that it was Monday. So time, like Einstein said, is relative, and this picture remebers me that.

In the other hand, I don't like to go to museums or art galleries. So, I saw this picture for the first time, In a magazine! It was "Muy Interesante", a very good one, and talking about the time (philosophical and physically), and the industry behind it, and when I saw this picture, i get surprised to see it there.

In summary, Dali could catch many topics of time in this picture, and that is the main reason that I like it. Dali is a genius because he could express many human feeling in only one painting.

See you later

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Miguel's blog correction

Every person born in 1991 is a "Metal Goat". Really I don’t know how to begin, but the web page says that this Chinese sign symbolizes character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness.

Calm, I don´t know, I´m a little hyperactive and I have some concentration disorders, but a (WW) can to be calm sometimes, I guess. Creative, I can do that, sometimes, I like to draw things, of all kind and, create and make some clay figurines, from realistic things to fantasy, and I like to play the bass, I have created some good songs in some bands were I was (WE), that is creative I thought. Well Intelligence, my friends saw that I am intelligent sometimes, and other times not, because of that I don´t know if that fact is correct that all. Finally I don’t like to be dependent, I try to do my things and don´t ask for help all the time.

Well this webpage also says that the goats born in the 1931 and 1991 are “Metal Goats”, yep I like the “Metal” part, but I still don´t like the “Goat” part.

In that webpage says that the “Metal Goats” are tough on the outside and fragile inside, that is a little gay stuff, well for the other side (WE) it says that we are appreciative with the arts, that good I guess, I like all the art expressions except the dance, I don´t know, I´m just can´t to understand the expression itself.  

Now I don´t like my Chinese sign but with time I believe that I can get it.

(WW) Wrong Word
(WE) Wrong Expression

My Santiago

Santiago… what I’m to talk about it? OK, in my opinion Santiago is a small city. Well, it’s not a short one, because its surface area covers about 750 square kilometers. But, if anyone compares Santiago, with many capital cities in the world (e.g. Bogota), our city is a small one. However I must recognize that many times, travel to one side to another of the city (like me when I come to FAU) it can get very boring and long. Anyway, I still feel that Santiago is small, and that’s one the things that I like about our city.
I believe that there are no more things that I really love in Santiago. Maybe there are more, but I don’t remember other. So I must say what I dislike of my city, and that’s a lot. First of all, it’s a gray city. Yes, all the big cities have things that make it boring and sand. Our city, on the other hand, is more worrying. Not only by the lack of green places of Santiago, such parks, or the bad spread of those that exists (because most of the big and beautiful parts are located in the East part of Santiago, and I’m a witness that if you go for North-West part of this city, or at least near of my house – I live in Cerro Navia – you would see a desert),besides, the people in Santiago always are angry and stressed, because they work and study generally in square places, and Santiago inhabitant is an envious one when someone win or make good things, making it a remarkable person. And we are boring, if you see the car colors that we choose, they are always the same: gray or white. Besides we destroy the green places, like Plaza de Armas when starts the construction of a subway station! I reached to see it plenty of trees, and it was a million times better than today.
Well, I have a large list about things that I dislike Santiago (polluted city, discrimination, bad neighbors, crime), but I passed the 300 words, so I must finish quickly. I would like to change a lot of things. First of all, the big prices to travel in public transport (I pay 180 CLP each time that I took the bus, but adults pay 580 CLP) the groceries, and gasoline (especially gasoline). Besides, Santiago needs a new way to live. We are angry, boring and stressed people, so we need to change that. More green places is a good idea too, and a more joined and unplugged community (I include myself in that) to fight against crime for example.
Tips for tourists: be prepared for everything in Santiago. You can see a sunny day in summer, but sometimes, it starts to rain. Besides, the heat in Santiago is dry (dry in the sense of the humidity, different than tropical zones), so you need lots of water, juice, ice cream and everything that calms your thirst. And, if you came here in winter, don’t forget to taste “sopaipillas”. And start to be used to Chilean language, don’t forget expressions like “Hacer una vaca”, which in Chile means Get Money or “Caleta” that it’s not necessarily a Cove, in Chile means too, a lot of anything.
Bye bye, see you later.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

My Chinese Zodiac

Today I'm going to talk you about my Chinese Zodiac sign, that is the Monkey. Generally, monkeys are intellectual and jokers.They like to live an active life, and prefer the urban life; but when they do become ill, it's because they got feeling nervous. In someways, the Chinese Zodiac has hit in my lifestyle. In fact, i could said that I'm intellectual, but there's is no way in hell that i am a joker, and I'm traditional man. Besides, i get tired (I don't know if tired is the correct word, but i get stressed easily), a fact that Chinese Zodiac is right about me, because I work quickly, but I had double charge in my back when I do it. I'm a moral man too, so my sign is wrong here

About my element, i was born in March 28th of1992, so I'm a Water Monkey. Here, this horoscope describes me well, despite the fact that i'm am not a joker, like i said before. I feel hurt when someone said me annoying things, and I get distracted easily, if I'm not really focused in my goals, but, when I do it, I can complete them quickly. At last, this is a Dragon year, that is a good one for me, because i am compatible with it (If I believe in Chinese Horoscope)

My star sign is Aries, and again, the horoscope doesn't describes me at all. I am not used to start new activities, i refuse them most of times, it's very difficult that I would do them, but, in the other hand, if i see a big trouble in my way, i lose the hope to avoid it, and i like to see myself and even fight against myself every day. And i would like to destroy everything sometimes. But i'm a coward man in some ways, that is not an Aries' characteristics.

After all that, i must recognize that i don't read horoscopes. I think that my fate is in my hands, so i don't believe in human's predictions. Besides, i think that if i read about my future every day, i start to think that fear controls my life. I prefer to set a goal in long term and live the life day by day, even if i am traditional and a boring man. I think that we must improve ourselves doing mistakes and doing great things by our experience, but following an unique lifestyle.

That's all folks, i hope you like it, see you later, and Happy New Year to everyone.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

My Christmas

It is strange. This is the most quiet christmas in all my life. It was very ease, maybe because my family and i had a terrible 2011. It was very hard. We don't have any cheer to do something in Christmas Eve..

Well, we do something, but it was like a normal dinner, nothing special. Just like a piece of cake, a bit of "Cola de Mono", and that's all. I don't know how to write 200 words in this blog. But, well, i spent that with part of my grandma and my parents. My grandpa, i don't know why, he didn't ate with us, and he got to sleep. It was only 23:00 o'clock.

¿Santa Claus?, ¿who is?. No one in my family received gifts, even me, the only child, the first grandson, and all that. In general, we gave gifts each other all the year. Really, we don't need a special date to give gifts, but this year, specially this year, we didn't do anything.

That's because my grandpa got sick. While many students in Chile fought for a better education, all in my family fought for my grandpa could live the best that we can do it. There was 5 horrific months. Thtas's the reason that this short Christmas (classes cooperates too, i had to study for a test) was the most boring of my life. We were very tired.

But i hope that the next Christmas will be better. And we will have a little revenge in New Year, when we are gonig to do something anyway to forget a bad year.

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Playa Chigualoco, My Favourite Beach

Is located in kilometer 247 of Route 5 (also known as "Carretera Panamericana" in Chile), in the Fourth Region of Coquimbo, where the highway almost reaches the beach. It's a lonely one, there lives less than 10 people. And is a large one too.

These are the reasons that i like it. Besides, it's no so popular, that means you have all the beach by yourself. It is a challenging beach. The waves are not so big, but comes one after another very quickly, so you never must be quiet there. There are many ocean currents too, very short and fast, so you can easily end in a place that you never imagine. As if that weren't enough, the soil is very uneven.

In fact, i went to that beach only once in my life (2011 summer). But it's more than enough to make it my favorite beach. Because you can do anything there. I improvise, for example, bodyboarding. I know there are many other places much better than Chigualoco to do this, but, like i'm an amateur in that, i like to enjoy any beach with my body board. Swim is an obvious thing that i do too, but, as I said above, I must be fast because the waves cross each other. At that time, i went there with my parents and the same cousin of ever (What, He again?????)

It is simple to get there. If you start to travel from Santiago, you must get to Route 5 (there are many ways to arrive there, but if you come from FAU, take "Alameda", until you get to Manuel Rodriguez street, that leads to the route), and travel to kilometer 247 going to north. It will take you like 3 hours 30 minutes or 4 hours to get there, but always take more time, because in kilometer 204, you will see a large filling station, that has a great but expensive shop, that works as the halfway point if you travel to La Serena.

Thta's my favourite beach, i hope that you like to read about it. See you later.